Targeted Drug Delivery

“Besides pain killers, I tried shots, nerve burnings, triggers, and multiple injections, but I was still in agony. I couldn’t vacuum or walk. I just sat in a chair. Now I can finally go shopping again and do the things I want to do.” – Tami

Targeted drug delivery is an alternate route of delivering pain medication at a fraction of the typical oral dose. The therapy is proven, safe, and effective for managing chronic pain. An implantable pump is filled with pain medication. The pump is connected to a thin, flexible tube called a catheter. The system continuously delivers the drug directly into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord, in an area called the intrathecal space. That means much less pain medicine and fewer side effects. Oral pain pills must be digested, enter the bloodstream, and cross the central nervous system to reach pain signals. Targeted drug delivery works directly at the source to stop nerves from sending pain messages. 

Potential Benefits of Targeted Drug Delivery

  • Improved ability to function and participate in day-to-day activities
  • Effective pain relief
  • Less or no need for oral pain medication
  • Fewer side effects compared to oral medication
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Personalized – you can manage your own pain therapy by delivering a dose of medication within your doctor’s pre-set limits
  • Surgically reversible

A key advantage of Targeted Drug Delivery is that you can try it first and experience how the therapy may work for you!

Like test driving a car, the screening trial allows you to “test drive” targeted drug delivery before committing to long-term therapy. The screening trial allows you to assess how targeted drug delivery may relieve your pain during daily activities, experience how it feels to receive pain medication targeted to the intrathecal space and decide if you want to go ahead with an implant. 


Ongoing Care

The pump needs to be refilled periodically with your medication. Refills are important for providing you with continuous pain therapy. Your doctor may also adjust the dose so you receive the best pain relief possible. Be sure to make and keep your refill appointments! Missing a refill appointment could result in:

  • Underdose (too little medication), which could lead to withdrawal symptoms
  • Loss of pain relief therapy, or a change in your therapy
  • Pump damage that could require pump replacement surgery 


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