Dr. Will & Dr. Haas Implant New Spectra WaveWriter by Boston Scientific

On February 6th at Twin Cities Surgery Center, Dr. Andrew Will and Dr. Sherri Haas implanted the first Spectra WaveWriter Neurostimulator system in Minnesota.

Twin Cities Pain Clinic and Twin Cities Surgery Center is the first facility in Minnesota to offer the Spectra WaveWriter Spinal Cord Simulator system by Boston Scientific. The FDA approved device is the first and only system approved to simultaneously provide paraesthesia-based and sub-perception therapy. The system allows physicians and patients to combine therapeutic options, customize therapy and capture real-time feedback designed to treat chronic and debilitating pain successfully.

Access to a new cutting-edge treatment option should offer new hope to Minnesota residents struggling with debilitating pain, like Jerri Thomas. Jerri is the first in Minnesota to receive the new Spectra WaveWriter SCS device. Jerri’s pain started as a result from multiple car accidents leaving her with low back and leg pain along with fibromyalgia. Jerri had her first SCS implanted in 2012 and is excited for the new updates with the Spectra WaveWriter. Spinal Cord Stimulation has improved Jerri’s quality of life, allowing her to be active with her 8 grandchildren. When asked if she would recommend Spinal Cord Stimulation to others she responded with, “I already have, and I will continue to do so.”

Jerri is willing to share her motivating, first-hand experience to help others. Our experts welcome the opportunity to further discuss chronic pain and treatment options. If you have any questions regarding Spinal Cord Stimulation or other treatment options, do not hesitate to call our clinic at 952-841-2345.

Chronic pain has a significant personal impact and the fact that Spinal Cord Stimulation may provide pain relief is extremely important as Minnesota and the nation prepares to combat the opioid crisis. Spinal Cord Stimulation fights pain with technology and is a revolutionary non-opioid therapy.

Learn more about Spectra WaveWriter here. 

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