Patient Satisfaction

Take a look at patient reviews of the doctors and staff at Twin Cities Pain Clinic. We welcome feedback about our team, pain care clinics & surgery center so we can continuously improve processes and the overall experience. 


Location: Woodbury Clinic 

“I am truly grateful for the high level of care and compassion (especially during these very difficult times specifically for chronic pain patients and their families). I will continue to recommend TCPC to family, friends and associates. The experienced doctors, medical technicians, and other very important staff members work diligently to ensure that my family and I receive the treatments, medications (and insurance approval necessary to receive them) to improve our quality of life and function. Convenient and flexible appointment scheduling and an outstanding team of professionals who show genuine compassion and a commitment to better the lives of their patients make Twin Cities Pain Clinic a place you will look forward to returning to and recommending to others!”


Location: Maple Grove Clinic

“Usually there is always something negative to say about a medical office. I can truly say that I have only positive things to say about this clinic and the staff! They work hard, they are always smiling and positive which really means a lot to people who constantly have pain issues. It’s easy to get sucked into a negative mood. But when i walk in and see smiles, it changes everything! Thank you!”



Location: Twin Cities Surgery Center 

“I have had many surgical procedures, so I have had a wide variety of surgical experiences. Twin Cities Surgery Center is one of my best experiences I have ever had. All of the staff from the receptionists to the nurses and then to the doctors are very professional and caring. I highly recommend this facility.”


Location: Edina Clinic  

“My first visit at TCPC was by far THE best experience I have ever had in regards to my chronic pain! I was early, which is the reason for the brief wait. Check-in was short and efficient. Due to arriving early, they did my blood work and urinalysis before I saw Karen, instead of after, which demonstrates that they’re mindful of time. Karen arrived within minutes of my finishing with the nurse and we started on time. Karen is absolutely AMAZING! She took time to ask me questions and answer mine. She actually listened to me and heard what I had to say. Most importantly, she treated me with dignity and respect! Everyone I encountered did so and this is something I have never experienced with medical professionals and my chronic pain. Staff are clearly knowledgeable and truly care. I start Physical Therapy next week and my MRI’s are being done today! I left feeling hopeful that my pain is going to be managed appropriately and that my quality of life just might improve! I highly recommend TCPC!”

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