How Does Physical Therapy Treat Pain?

Physical therapists are experts in identifying the source and treating pain. These specialists look for areas of weakness or stiffness that may be adding unnecessary pain to the affected areas. Physical therapists are able to compile a unique regimen to ease your pain and help you move better.  

Low-impact aerobic training. These workout will rev up your heart rate and still take it easy on you joints. For instance, you might walk fast or use a stationary bike to warm up, instead of running, before you do your strengthening exercises. 

Strengthening exercises. You might use machines at your physical therapist’s office, resistance bands, or your own body weight (think lunges, squats, and pushups). You may work on your core muscles, as well as other parts of your body. 

Pain relief exercises. These moves target areas where you have pain, so you’re stronger and more flexible – which should make it easier to live your life.

Stretching. This will be gentle, and your therapist will make sure that you’re warmed up and you don’t stretch too far. 

Your physical therapist may prescribe exercises for you to do at home. Physical therapy shouldn’t hurt, and it will be safe. But because you’ll utilize parts of your body that are injured or have persistent pain, physical therapy can be challenging, even hard. Your physical therapist has a specific plan in mind based on your particular needs. Sometimes to get stronger, you have to do some tough training. Each person may respond differently to therapy. Your body type, daily activities, alignment, and habits all affect your plan. Stick with it, and you’ll get the benefits. 

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