Dr. Anne Kokayeff is DRG Certified!

Twin-Cities-Pain-Clinic-Doctor-Anne-Kokayeff-MDTwin Cities Pain Clinic is proud to announce that Dr. Anne Kokayeff is now certified to perform Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) stimulator implant surgeries.

To illustrate why this is a huge deal, here’s a quick crash course:

The DRG is a bundle of nerves located in between the vertebrae that extend outward from the spinal column. They are essentially the branches of the spinal tree. Whereas the spinal cord itself transmits signals to the back, neck and head, the DRG transmits signals to more distant appendages, including the feet, elbows, knees and abdomen.

DRG stimulation involves laying tiny leads next to the DRG, with the other end of the leads connected to a small, implantable battery. The battery produces a mild electrical pulse, which is delivered by the leads to the DRG. The electrical pulses “stimulate” the DRG and block pain signals to the brain.

DRG stimulator implant surgeries are complex, precise procedures, and as such, the list of certified physicians is very short. Now that Dr. Kokayeff has achieved her certification, all four Twin Cities Pain Clinic physicians are members of this elite group.

Congratulations Dr. K! We could not be prouder of your amazing accomplishment.

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