2019 in Review – Part 2: PACT

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In July of 2019, we made a commitment to further improving the health and well-being of our patients. Twin Cities Pain Clinic partnered with the Personalized Activated Care and Training program, known as PACT for short.

We understand the impact of pain does not always end within the walls of our clinics. The effects often go beyond the physical and can be long-lasting. Successful pain treatment must provide patients with the maximum amount of relief, comfort and contentment at all times.

This is where PACT steps in to help. In a nutshell, the PACT program provides our patients with health coaching and self-care strategies to keep away the pain.

Health coach treating senior female chronic pain patientPACT allows our organization to extend the pain relief patients receive at our clinics. Along with receiving expert care from our pain professionals, our patients can now receive additional health coaching to identify their  personal risk factors and establish a plan take better care of themselves in their daily lives. The result is long-term pain relief, a healthy attitude and overall well-being.

This added layer of pain management care helps our patients achieve the best possible outcomes and improved quality of life, both now and into the future.


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