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Corticosteroid Injection

A corticosteroid injection is used to relieve pain and/or inflammation in a specific part of the body. Nerve irritation caused by inflammation is one of the most common causes of bodily pain. By reducing inflammation, corticosteroid injections can help relieve pain. They can also help manage tingling and numbness from conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is a corticosteroid injection?

A corticosteroid injection is used to administer cortisone, an anti-inflammatory steroid medication, to specific areas of the body.

The cortisone is commonly mixed with a local anesthetic (numbing agent). The medication is injected into the affected area, where it bathes the aggravated tissue. The numbing agent provides immediate, though temporary, pain relief while the steroid helps decrease the inflammation that is causing symptoms.

What can I expect during the procedure?

You will be brought into the procedure room where you will lay on a special table. Your skin will be cleaned at the injection site and a local anesthetic will be applied to numb the skin and tissue.

The physician will then inject the steroid and anesthetic mixture into the affected area. The needle is then removed, and a bandage is placed over the injection site.

The entire procedure only takes about 20 minutes and can provide months of symptom relief.

What can I expect after the procedure?

You will be monitored for a short time following the procedure, to ensure you have no adverse reactions to the medication. You may experience warmth of the chest and face and redness around the injection site.

You may also experience tenderness or aggravated symptoms for a day or two after the injection as the anesthetic wears off. Apply ice packs to help with this pain. If you experience pain, redness, swelling, or an infection after two days, call your doctor.

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