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Targeted Drug Delivery

Targeted drug delivery refers to the practice of internally administering medications directly to a localized area within the body. This allows the medication to more effectively target the agitated or diseased tissue while having a minimum impact on nearby healthy tissues.

In pain management, targeted drug delivery is usually administered in the form of an intrathecal pump. An intrathecal pump is a device that is permanently implanted in the body. The pump is filled with specific pain medication, which is passed through thin catheters to a select location in the spine. The medication bathes the painful spinal nerves, relieving pain.

A targeted drug delivery system has all the benefits of oral pain medications, without the associated risks. Only a fraction of the dosage is needed to get the same effect as oral pain medications, and the dosage and frequency of the applied medication can be programmed to best meet the needs of the patient.

Targeted drug delivery treatments at Twin Cities Pain Clinic

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