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Clinical Research

Elevating the Standard of Care in Pain Management

Twin Cities Pain Clinic is a leading authority in pain management therapy. We are firm believers in the effectiveness and promise offered by modern pain treatments, particularly in the revolutionary field of neuromodulation.

Our clinical research team partners with leaders in the medical device industry on research projects aimed at advancing neuromodulation technology and improving patient outcomes.

Current Research Programs

Medtronic – SCS Research Study

This study aims to characterize the effect of different programmed settings on pain relief.

Boston Scientific – Pro Study

This study will evaluate anonymous data in subject medical charts to review the clinical outcomes of various treatment approaches in the treatment of chronic pain.

Abbott – Reality Study

This study is intended to collect short- and long-term safety and effectiveness data on various populations implanted with Abbott’s neurostimulation systems.

Abbott – Target Study

The study is designed to demonstrate continued safety of the Axium and Proclaim Neurostimulator System for dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulation.

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