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Workplace Injuries and
Workers’ Compensation

Chronic pain is a common consequence of workplace injuries and can make it much more difficult for patients to recover and maintain their livelihoods.

Twin Cities Pain Clinic takes a comprehensive and highly specialized approach to occupational health matters to help patients achieve pain relief, make a safe return to work, and receive fair compensation.

Our Workplace Injury Strategy

Twin Cities Pain Clinic has a team of occupational health experts dedicated to managing workers’ compensation cases in a timely and effective manner.

Call our Workers’ Compensation Department

We understand that the keys to success in any workplace injury case, as well as any associated workers’ compensation claims, are detailed records and clear, thorough communication.

We work closely with all relevant parties, including qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs), attorneys, insurance companies, occupational therapy groups, and our own internal providers to ensure a streamlined process in which we:

  • Identify accurate and specific diagnoses
  • Provide clear, detailed documentation of the injury
  • Establish and execute the plan of care
  • Obtain treatment authorization
  • Regularly report on patient progress

Our comprehensive strategy for treating workplace injuries is designed to restore function and promote overall physical well-being while concisely documenting all the information required to move the case toward a successful resolution.

Contact Our Occupational Health Team

Injured workers or their workers’ compensation representatives can contact our dedicated occupational health team for assistance with scheduling appointments, obtaining documentation and updates on treatment progress, checking on authorization status, and billing inquiries.

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