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Ablation Procedures

Ablation refers to the practice of applying intense, very targeted heat to burn (ablate) nerve endings. This breaks up pain signals before they reach the brain, resulting in pain relief.

Certain chronic pain conditions are not the result of obvious physical issues, such as nerve compression or structural damage. Some are caused by nerves that “misbehave,” firing off and causing pain without being aggravated. It is believed that this strange nerve behavior is due to changes in the body’s production of chemicals that signal pain. Fibromyalgia is a common example of this.

Ablation procedures are an effective form of treatment for this type of pain. In the absence of inflammation or structural damage, ablations simply burn off the nerve ending, cutting off pain signals.

Ablation procedures are minimally invasive and are typically completed within an hour. You can usually resume normal activities within 24 hours, and enjoy six or more months of pain relief. In most cases, ablations can be repeated as necessary.

Ablation procedures at Twin Cities Pain Clinic

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